A wedding like no other

St Margaret’s Church is a truly memorable place in which to marry

You may want to do this in one of three ways:

  • Exclusive venue hire

    If Bride or Groom hold Membership with Soho House, stay at Babington House with your guests, taking over the whole house. Your church wedding will normally take place during the afternoon of the full day, which is usually a Thursday, and you will usually arrive the day before in time for your wedding rehearsal.
  • Ceremony in the church

    Have the wedding in St Margaret’s Church, with a reception somewhere completely different. There will be restrictions on where photographs may be taken, owing to the privacy rights of other people staying at Babington House.

Number of guests

St Margaret’s Church can hold a maximum of 90 people, which includes the bride and groom, the Vicar and verger, organist and any other musicians, photographer, etc.

90 people includes both adults and children. Dogs are also very welcome.

The Vicar

All weddings will be conducted by the Vicar of St Margaret’s Church, Revd Clarissa Cridland, or in her absence another Church of England priest, or a priest of a church in full Communion with the Church of England.

Unless you live in the Benefice of East Mendip Trinity (Coleford, Holcombe and Kilmersdon with Babington) you will need to do a period of Residency for nine consecutive days, either staying at Babington House or elsewhere in the Benefice. At the beginning of this time you will need to see the Registrar in Frome who will prepare your Marriage Schedule, which is the legal document without which you cannot get married. If you are staying elsewhere, please check with Clarissa to ensure that it is in the benefice, as otherwise it won’t be legal.

During this time there will be plenty of things for you to do in preparation for your wedding, and Clarissa will want to meet with you to discuss the ceremony in detail, and also for you to attend a service in one of the parish churches she serves.

If either of you is not a British Citizen residency is still possible but more complicated and you need to arrange it early. If you do live in the Benefice of East Mendip Trinity then your banns can be called here and you will not need to do a period of residency. Clarissa is very happy to marry people who have previously been divorced.

The Vicar

Please do feel free to discuss any of this with Clarissa. In the first instance, please get in touch with our Ceremonies Officer, Becky Kingston-Wood, who will advise you on costs, take your booking, and introduce you to Clarissa.